Better Body Coaching

Your Fitness Journey with A Certified Personal Trainer Begins Here!

Build Muscle, Shed Fat, and Embrace a Fitness Lifestyle

Better Body Coaching

Your Journey with A Certified Personal Trainer Begins Here!

Build Muscle, Shed Fat, and Embrace a Fitness Lifestyle

Personal Trainer Agoura Hills


Unlock Your Best Self with My Personal Fitness Services

One-on-one Private training

Certified personal trainer in Agoura Hills assisting a client with their exercise routine to achieve fitness goals

Escape the hustle of crowded commercial gyms and train at a serene private training facility, equipped with state of the art fitness equipment to ensure you get the optimal results.

Small group Training

Clients of an online personal trainer working out together

Small group personal training is a great way to train with a friend or two at a reduced cost at a private facility here in Agoura Hills and enjoy top-notch training at a friendly price.

Online Coaching

Online fitness coach

Tailored for individuals looking to shed excess weight, my personal trainer online program combines a balanced exercise routine with nutritional guidance. It includes a mix of cardio exercises, calorie management, and more.


Unlock Your Fitness Potential with My Custom Programs

Muscle Building

Private trainer in Agoura Hills coaching a client through a weight lifting session

My personal training program maximizes muscle size, strength, and definition, encompassing tailored workouts, scientific hypertrophy principles, personalized nutrition, and expert guidance.

Weight Loss

Certified private trainer in Agoura Hills assisting a client with weight lifting

Your path to achieving your ideal body through science-based weight loss methods. My personal training program is designed to help you shed excess weight, improve your overall health, and attain your desired physique. It includes tailored workouts, evidence-based weight loss principles, personalized nutrition, and expert guidance.

Glute Development

Personal fitness coach guiding a client through a workout routine in Agoura Hills

Achieve the glutes of your dreams with my Better Glute Transformation Program. Discover unparalleled fitness success with the region’s top-tier motivated personal trainer who is dedicated to sculpting your booty and transforming your butt muscles into a head-turning and strong asset, ushering you into peak physical form and getting you into your best shape ever.

Nutrition Counseling

Private trainer in Agoura Hills reviewing progress numbers with a client on a laptop during a personal training session

With the guidance of a personal trainer, a nutrition program is your key to cultivating a balanced and nourishing relationship with food, leading you towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Embrace the mastery of nutrition like never before. It encompasses personalized counseling, evidence-based nutrition principles, meal planning, and tailored strategies for sustainable dietary changes.

Client and fitness trainer engaging in a productive workout session in Agoura Hills
Create You

Elevate Your Fitness Level with Better Body Coaching

My Distinct Better Body Coaching Advantages:

Customized Fitness Plans:

I will craft personal fitness plans that are uniquely tailored to your individual goal, making every session purposeful and efficient.

Injury Prevention:

I will ensure you maintain proper form and technique during workouts, significantly reducing the risk of injuries.

Optimized Workouts:

I’ll make the most of your time. I will customize workouts that maximize results, so you can see real progress in less time.

Diverse and Engaging Workouts:

Say goodbye to workout monotony. I will introduce variety into your routines to keep you engaged, motivated, and prevent plateaus.

Nutrition Guidance:

I will offer nutrition counseling services as part of my training, helping you make better dietary choices to complement your fitness program.

Customized Online Coaching:

Tailor-made coaching programs that adapt to your personal fitness goals and lifestyle for maximum effectiveness.

Progress Tracking:

I will monitor your fitness level progress closely, adjusting your plan as needed to ensure you’re continually moving toward your personal fitness goals.

In-Home Personal Training Sessions:

If you don’t want to drive to The Training Grounds in Agoura Hills, enjoy the convenience of fitness training right at your doorstep, with personalized workouts in the comfort of your own home.


Powerful Workouts, Unleash Your Potential

Benefits My Clients Experience During Their Workouts with Me

Get in Your Best Shape with One of Agoura Hills Elite Personal Trainers

Discover unparalleled fitness success with the region’s top-tier personal trainer who is dedicated to sculpting you into your peak physical form and ushering you into your best shape ever.

Embark on your personal transformative quest with a personal trainer who doesn’t just train you to help you reach your fitness milestones but propels your training needs with unwavering support and motivational brilliance every step of the way.

Unleash your full potential and sculpt your ideal physique with Better Body Coaching, whether your personal aspirations include slimming down, muscle building, becoming stronger, or simply just getting in better shape. Allow my personal training program to navigate your fitness journey towards a positive change that includes a more robust, healthier you, tailoring a personal fitness plan that aligns seamlessly with your goal and vision.

Client executing an exercise under the guidance of an NASM personal trainer in Agoura Hills
working With a Personal Trainer

Sculpt Your Tomorrow

With a personal trainer by your side, every dedicated workout session crafts a brighter, stronger future. Together, we will shape the masterpiece that is your potential.

My Personal training Philosophy

Shape Your Destiny

My goal is to keep you motivated, teach you proper posture techniques, and push you both mentally and physically. This approach aims to foster positive transformations in your physical appearance and everyday lifestyle.

Working together with my personal trainer services, you’ll see great results when we combine smart training with your objectives, coupled with a custom-tailored nutrition plan to fit your unique needs.

NASM certified trainer in Agoura Hills helping a client with weight lifting exercise
Certified Personal Trainer in Agoura Hills

Dominic Lozano

Personal Trainer Agoura Hills

About me

Transforming Lives, One Workout at A Time

Driven by a passion to transform lives through fitness, my NASM certification has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the intricate ways the human body reacts to exercise, movement, and posture. Leveraging this in-depth knowledge and drawing from my extensive fitness background, I meticulously tailor each workout to cater to individual specifics. The result? Not just an optimized exercise routine, but one that actively minimizes injury risks and promotes recovery.

I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest training techniques and advancements in the fitness industry. My goal is to bring you the best the fitness industry has to offer.

What truly sets me apart from typical personal trainers near Agoura Hills is my distinctive programs and approach, bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment and a personalized nutrition plan, all dedicated to helping you achieve your complete fitness goals.

My personal training program commences with a comprehensive functional assessment, forming the core of my tailored approach. Using this as a foundation, I craft a personalized training regimen using machines and free weights specifically tailored to trigger muscle hypertrophy while aligning with your unique objectives and requirements. Every personal trainer session is meticulously designed to be both challenging and engaging, with the singular aim of delivering visible results. Your transformation to a better body starts with me.

Pricing Plan

Fit for Every Budget, Achieve Your Personal Goals

Better Body Coaching a personal trainer in Agoura Hills

Your Best Investment? A Fitter, Healthier You

Your investment in my personal training services is a reflection of my commitment to your fitness path. Each of my personal training plans is customized to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring an accommodating price that’s the right fit for your budget. My personal trainer price takes into account various factors. These include the frequency of your training sessions, the duration of your training sessions, and the level of personalization involved.

My price structure is designed to be competitive within the personal training market near Agoura Hills, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment. I believe in providing a high-quality personal trainer service that aligns with your budget.

To provide you with an accurate pricing proposal that fits your training needs, I recommend having a discussion after our initial free personal training session. This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of your goals, expectations, and the level of support you require. By exploring our options together, we can customize the best approach to help you achieve your fitness objectives while respecting your financial considerations.


Top Fitness Questions, My Expert Answers

I’ve always preached that knowledge is more important than effort when it comes to fitness and health. You can work as hard as you want but if you don’t know why or what you’re doing then you are most likely wasting lots of valuable time. Seeking help from a certified personal trainer is always a good way to ensure you get the results you want.

Whether you’re training with a personal trainer or not, at the end of the day, even if you can only train once a week, it can go a long way. Some training is better than no training. Training more than once a week would be more beneficial, but it just comes down to the client’s wants and needs.

The pricing for my personal trainer services is tailored to the client. It can come down to different factors (such as how many times per week of training). The pricing for my personal trainer service is very competitive compared to other personal trainers in the Agoura Hills area. I am more than happy to discuss pricing after meeting you and exploring personal training options.

Yes, I have extensive experience as a personal trainer in guiding women to reach their fitness goal. My approach includes specialized strength training for women, focusing on exercises like core exercise, squats, and deadlifts for effective leg and glute development and overall conditioning. I offer a comprehensive program that blends strength, cardio, and flexibility training. This ensures a great balance for enhancing your figure and fitness levels. My goal is to teach and accommodate each client, ensuring the training plan is the right fit for their unique needs. Let me guide you on your journey to become fit and reach your desired goals.

I understand that life can sometimes get in the way of your fitness commitments. However, to provide the best service to all of my clients and maintain a fair scheduling system, I have implemented the following cancellation policy: cancellations with less than a 12-hour notice and no-shows will result in a cancellation charge for that session. However, all clients will be granted 1 cancellation under a 12-hour notice with no charge.

There is no exact timetable to see results from working out with a personal trainer, as everyone’s unique body and genetics cause them to progress at their own unique pace.

With that being said, you can control how many times a week you workout with a personal trainer, how hard you train, and what you eat. Excelling at those will give you the highest probability of seeing faster results.

My personal training philosophy with clients is hypertrophy training. It is all about progressive resistance, high-volume workouts, and muscle fatigue to drive muscle growth. Proper nutrition and adequate rest are crucial, and a consistent, individualized approach is emphasized. My personal trainer program is a systematic method for building and sculpting muscle, enhancing strength, aesthetics, and overall health. I offer the details of how to implement all the above during my one-on-one personal training sessions.

Yes, upon request, I will create a personal program for you to follow outside of our personal trainer sessions, tailored to your specific preferences and guiding you on how to execute them.

It is also very important that clients perform workouts outside of our personal training sessions to ensure results are being made. sculpting muscle, enhancing strength, aesthetics, and overall health.

Client performing exercises under the guidance of a certified personal fitness trainer in Agoura Hills

My Training Facility In Agoura Hills

The Training Grounds

Create You & Transform Your Body. Start Today.

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